Investing In Impact For Refugees Hope
© UNHCR/Hannah Maule-ffinch

Delivering technology and online resources to support refugee education

Digital connectivity plays a fundamental role in helping refugees access vital information and resources, learn new skills and connect with loved ones. However, millions of refugees today are excluded from digital services either because they don’t have access to a broadband connection or can’t afford to get online.

As part of the effort to empower refugee youth with tools and opportunities to thrive, Microsoft Philanthropies continued its education program aimed at teaching computer skills to more than 25,000 refugee youth in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.

“I always say Kakuma is a place of opportunities to those who seek them,” says Grace Nshimiyumukiza, a 24-year-old refugee living in Kakuma. She taught herself how to use a computer while finishing a social diploma course and came up with the idea of teaching other women refugee digital skills so they could pursue higher education.

Grace became a Digital Skills Trainer for Microsoft’s Connected Education program and is now passing her skills to other members of the community. At least 75 refugee girls have attended Grace’s classes – learning everything from opening a computer to operating a business online – and she is committed to helping her students fulfill their dreams.